30-Year Plan: Delay the Vote

Written by Team PTPA | June 21, 2021

The ATP is rushing through a vote on a 30-year deal that, based on the information the ATP has provided, seems to clearly benefit the tournaments and the ATP, at the expense of the players.    

The PTPA, on behalf of 350+ ATP players, formally requests the vote be delayed until critical questions are answered. The plan is scheduled to go into effect in January 2023, so there is no valid reason not to delay the vote until all players’  questions are answered. Last year, before the 30-year plan was delayed by COVID-19, ATP had planned to vote on it just 7 months in advance, so there is still plenty of time for thoughtful consideration. 

The PTPA has dozens of questions that must be answered in detail before a vote is taken.  Players  are concerned about how their data is going to be mined and how the ATP intends to profit from it. It is also important that we understand why the plan calls for a profit share and not a revenue share; how revenue and expenses are  defined in the profit share; and how the ATP Media plans on using player data for betting and non betting purposes, to name a few.  

There are also concerns about Board Members conflicts of interests. 

These are but a few of the critical questions.  Rushing a vote on such an important and lasting plan is unnecessary and unfair to the players.