30-Year Plan: Digital Rights

Written by Team PTPA | June 21, 2021

The ATP wants to profit from the player’s images and to retain “control of data rights” in order to generate revenue from “betting and non-betting markets.” The PTPA has serious questions about how the ATP plans to mine player data and who actually owns the data. 


The truth is that the ATP does not want to answer players’ questions about their 30-year deal. Did you know their plan may endanger each player’s ability to build their personal brands? Rushing a vote on such an important and lasting plan is unnecessary and unfair to the players.


The ATP is clear on how it and the tournaments will enrich themselves but there is little to no information about how this will affect players and their ability to protect their name, image, and likeness.


The players must have a true seat at the table. As a result, the PTPA is respectfully asking the ATP to delay the vote until all players’ questions can be answered in detail.