30-Year Plan: No Seat at the Table

Written by Team PTPA | June 21, 2021

We have asked for the vote on the 30-year deal to be delayed because it is extremely vague when it comes to details about how players will be affected by the plan including health benefits, revenues, travel and tournament commitments. 

The PTPA is advocating for added transparency and clarity in the 30-year plan. The plan must ensure fairness to all parties including the players. A plan that values the players and seeks to ensure that players are adequately compensated. 

The PTPA believes professional tennis must have a strong, healthy, and competitive ATP that serves all of its stakeholders. The players have been left behind a myriad of special interests. For the ATP to reach its goals, it must bring players back into balance with the rest of the industry.

Players, despite being the primary revenue drivers for the ATP and its tournaments, receive a fractional percentage of profits far below what players in other sports make comparatively.

The 30-year plan says repeatedly that the sport must shift its mindset away from “self-interest” and toward the collective good of the sport.  Yet in the same breath the ATP admits that “In the short-term, the plan will inevitably benefit some more than others.” 

The players seem to be doing all the sacrificing. We must have a true seat at the table.