30-Year Plan: We Have Questions

Written by Team PTPA | June 21, 2021

The PTPA wants to delay the ATP’s vote on its 30-year plan because there are so many questions about player health, wellbeing and livelihood that must be answered. The PTPA wants a strong and healthy ATP but it is important for the players to be included in the process.  

The ATP wants the players to “trust them” to do the right thing, but trust must be earned.  The PTPA demands the ATP be transparent, it’s time we see the receipts.  Here are just some of the dozens of questions the PTPA has for the ATP:

  • Why is the plan 30 years?  
  • What benefit do the players receive for granting the ATP the right to mine and monetize their data?
  • Do players share in the increased value to ATP Media?
  • What has been negotiated with private equity firm CVC and how will it affect players?
  • What added benefits (health, insurance, pension) will the players receive?
  • What happens to the plan if the ATP cannot aggregate rights with the Grand Slams, WTA & ITF?
  • Why is the profit share being done on an aggregate and not individual tournament basis (seems to benefit the tournaments)?
  • Why is it a profit share and not a revenue share?
  • How is revenue defined in the profit share?
  • How are expenses defined in the profit share?
  • Why is infrastructure included as an expense?
  • What is the projected timeline for when this new prize money formula will be applied to 500s and 250s?
  • Why are the ATP events (ATP Cup, Next Gen ATP Finals, & Nitto ATP Finals) not included in the proposed profit-sharing model?