Official Statement | Vasek Pospisil | 2 July 2021

Written by Team PTPA | July 2, 2021

We are encouraged by the positive progress the PTPA – alongside our members, fans, the media, and our partners – have made to create fairness and transparency for all players in our great sport.



Three weeks ago, it became evident to our team that the ATP was going to vote on its proposed 30-year (now 31-year) plan. With support from the players, we developed a rapid response strategy to: 1) ensure the PTPA was acknowledged as an association created by the players for the players; 2) encourage the ATP to collaboratively address the multitude of questions our team presented to them about the plan; and 3) delay the vote.


Today, we can report all three milestones have been achieved.


We are pleased the ATP has addressed the PTPA, and more importantly, has focused on the concerns of the players. In a letter sent to players by the ATP, they have responded to many of the questions our team submitted and/or questions that were vetted from


The PTPA has placed the ATP’s initial answers into four general categories: 1) helpful and clarifying; 2) helpful but more input is required; 3) unsatisfactory; and 4) outstanding questions yet to be answered.


For transparency the PTPA has placed all of the questions and answers on for review.


Lastly, we thank the ATP for delaying the vote. We are energized by their decision, and the tremendous boldness the PTPA players illustrated. This is positive news for the PTPA, our members, and all players around the globe.


There is still much work to do, and we are cautiously optimistic that the PTPA and ATP will work collaboratively together on behalf of the players.


Together we are working to help grow the sport we all love.


To read all the questions and answers:  CLICK HERE


For more information on the PTPA, you can visit our website. Please follow our social media channels @ptpaplayers for regular updates.


Thank you.