Written by Team PTPA | June 21, 2021

Professional tennis player Noah Rubin can’t remember a time when the sport wasn’t a part of his life.

“From the [very] beginning, there was nothing I loved more than chasing around that yellow ball,” he said. “Wherever it went, I followed.” 

At age 16, Rubin reached a career high of six in the world for under 18’s. Two years later, aged 18, he won the singles Jr. Wimbledon Title and followed it up by winning the 18’s National Championships in singles and doubles. His meteoric rise and subsequent success brought him joy, yes, but also doubt and pain.

Rubin quickly learned that he was not alone.  Fellow competitors became friends and confided in him that they also struggled with soaring emotional highs and soul-crushing lows while in pursuit of their dream career. He realized everyone had a story and he felt an innate drive to do something to better the sport that they all loved.

In 2019, Rubin started Behind The Racquet. “I wanted to give players the platform to share their stories on their own terms,” he explains, “while also giving fans an opportunity to relate to individual players on a deeper level. 

“I am also helping to fight the stigma of talking about mental health, especially in the world of professional sport. I [believe] that these stories, told by honest and bold people, inspire you to see deeper into who [the players] truly are.” 

Read Rubin’s full story at Behind The Racquet  and listen to him, in his own words, during Behind The Racquet Pod Episode 18 “New Balance Winner’s Circle with Noah Rubin” and “Coffee Cast with Cation: Noah Rubin Edition” Episode 39. 

Behind The Racquet is a community of today’s top tennis players and fans that, by taking on the biggest issues facing the sport, imparts players with an opportunity to open up like never before, and provides fans with intimate access to the athletes they admire and insight into the sport they adore.

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